Undersanding Matterport Basics, Scanning, Pricing, Hosting, Renewals, Ownership.

* Matterport Basics *

Matterport Digital Twin has 3 main tasks.

1) Matterport Scanning Agent:

A Matterport Scanning agent is a trained and trusted agent who scans ur space with a Matterport Pro Series camera Like pro2 or pro3. Who will evaluate the premises to be scan to create a digital twin.
One Scan point is a point where camera rotate 360 degree to create one 360 photo called scan point.
Scan are repeated every 10 feet to create amazing digital twins.

Key Points Related to Scanning Agents:
1) Consider example above where we scan approx 130 points for a wedding venue. Matterport dont work like this taking 3 -5 scans and connect them through links.
2) Some Novice Matterport Scanning agent uses ricoh theta or insta360 cameras with matterport in place of pro series cameras. Which delivers 20MP photo in place of 134 MP photos with HDR

2) Matterport Pricing

Here we are discussing about the pricing that matterport scanning agent will be charging for scanning entire space. There are several matterport scanning agencies and agents in Delhi Like Spalba, Deltron, Starts360, View360Degrees, WE Digital Services Guru (Weds.Guru)

Introductory Pricie Offered By WEDSGURU for matterport scanning in Delhi is as following:

  • For Space upto 5,000 Sq Ft – INR 5,000/- (INR 1 / Sq Ft)
  • For Space upto 20,000 Sq Ft – INR 10,000/- (INR 0.50 / Sq Ft)
  • For Space upto 50,000 Sq Ft – INR 15,000/- (INR 0.30 / Sq Ft)
  • For Space upto 75,000 Sq Ft – INR 20,000/- (INR 0.25 / Sq Ft)
  • For Space upto 1,50,000 Sq Ft – INR 30,000/- (INR 0.20 / Sq Ft)

3) Matterport Hosting

Matterport Digital twins can only be hosted on matterport official portal. They have a resonable plan of hosting 3 spaces for one year for approx 120USD, can avail monthly payment facility will cost approx 12usd per month. Check latest pricing here. Its best to save your digital twin for complete privacy and ownership.

4) Matterport Renewals

There are no renewal charges on part of matterport scanning agent or agency. You only need to renew your matterport hosting by the price mentioned on buy.matterport.com for your space. That too will be deducted continously if you are on monthly plan and once every year if you are on yearly plan.

5) Matterport Ownership

You are the Boss, even if you dont host your space in your personal account and you are hosting with your agency, sole ownership of the space is with you only, There are no charges of transferring space into your account. Refer Srahi for more details.

Post To Google Street View Charges

As of now there are no charges for posting your space to google street view with your business listing. May be revised and can be checked at matterport

Understanding * Matterport Basics *

What is 3D digital twin technology?

Digital twins are an exceptional way of capturing and sharing spaces in immersive 3D and can move the needle across many industry use cases.

How to create a digital twin:

From cameras to capabilities, discover everything you need to begin capturing, editing, and sharing in 3D.

Capture your space.

Digital twins can be created with a variety of cameras, for smoother, more accurate results, use Matterport Pro Series for advanced precision and scanning capabilities of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our certified capture technicians can do the job.

Share and collaborate.

Easily shareable across real estate and travel sites, digital twins are an essential promotional tool for driving increases in leasing, sales, and bookings. For operational use cases such as facilities management, digital twins eliminate the need for unnecessary travel, allowing teams to collaborate and coordinate more efficiently without ever having to set foot on site.

Why use a digital twin?

Digital twins are an exceptional way of capturing and sharing spaces in immersive 3D and can move the needle across many industry use cases. With the launch of the Matterport mobile app, we welcomed many new members to the Matterport community and into a world where immersive 3D spaces can be created by anyone, anywhere—simply using the phone they own.

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