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Google Street View

Google has relaunched Street View in India more than a decade after it first rolled out the service in the South Asian market and roughly six years after the feature was banned in the country over security concerns.

Street View, the Google Maps feature that allows users to explore an area through 360-degree panoramic street-level images, was first launched in India in 2011. Google said it has partnered with local giants Genesys and Tech Mahindra to relaunch the service, which is now live in 10 Indian cities. The company expects to roll out the service to 50 Indian cities by the end of the year.

Google executives said at a press briefing in New Delhi Wednesday that this is the first time the company has partnered with third-party firms for Street View. Unveiled 15 years ago, Street View is live in over 100 countries and territories and has amassed over 220 billion Street View images, the company said earlier this year.

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